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December 14, 2023
Redmond, WA - Dec 14, 2023 — Metagood, the blockchain technology and digital assets company that launched the innovative OnChainMonkey NFTs and Osura marketplace, announced today the successful completion of a $5 million series seed funding round.

The series seed round was led by Sora Ventures, with participation from prominent investors including ACTAI Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, UTXO Management, London Real Ventures, and Peach.xyz.  In total, Metagood has raised $10M in financing from investors including Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Holly Branson (Virgin Unite), Dingaling (NFT Collector), Gabby Dizon (YGG), Simon Gerovich (Metaplanet), Roham Gharegozlou (Dapper Labs), Woody Harrelson, Casper Johansen (Spartan Group), Bobby Lee (BTCC), Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Apolo Ohno (Tribe Capital), Scott Plowman (Mozaik Capital), Yat Siu (Animoca Brands), Matthew Tan (Etherscan), Stacy Warden (Algorand), Owen Wilson, Mark Yusko (Morgan Creek Capital), and many others. A more detailed list of investors can be found on the Metagood website at: https://www.metagood.com/about-us.

Metagood, at the forefront of blockchain innovation, is redefining standards in the crypto industry by blending technology, art, and community. It is poised to be a leader in the Bitcoin digital asset marketplace. The new funding will help finance new technology and product developments on Osura, catalyze new partnerships with artists, and fund additional engineering and marketing talent to meet burgeoning client and user growth.

The Ordinals protocol, which just launched in early 2023, has unlocked an important market for storing and securing high-value assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.  Osura is building the infrastructure for launching and trading assets developed on the Ordinals protocol, starting with art on Bitcoin.

The company has a dynamic founding team with extensive experience building on both Bitcoin and Ethereum. CEO Danny Yang, a crypto industry veteran, previously founded Maicoin, Taiwan's largest crypto exchange operating since 2013, and Blockseer, a blockchain analytics business used by government agencies sold in 2018.  Chairman Bill Tai, a crypto pioneer since 2010, has an impressive track record as the first investor in Zoom and seed investor in Canva, Dapper Labs, and 23 publicly traded companies.  COO Amanda Terry, with a background in business development at Twitter and five successful startup acquisitions, brings invaluable expertise to the team as a digital media operator and startup investor.

Metagood launched the innovative digital art collection OnChainMonkey (OCM) on Ethereum  2021. In 2023, Metagood helped advance the Ordinals protocol and continued to trailblaze with the Ordinal collections of OCM Dimensions and OCM Genesis on Bitcoin. Both collections demonstrated new innovative art on Bitcoin, such as being able to inscribe code libraries on Bitcoin (p5.js, Three.js), and then using those libraries with recursive inscriptions, a new type of modular programming enabled on Bitcoin, which saves on Bitcoin fees.

Osura, Metagood's NFT Marketplace, stands out as a premium Ordinals platform for art on Bitcoin. With a commitment to curating the finest digital artifacts, Osura debuted with two exceptional Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collections: OnChainMonkey (OCM) Dimensions 300 and the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection.  Metagood worked closely with iconic luxury brands Asprey Studio and Bugatti to create their first generative art collection on Bitcoin.  In the new year, Metagood has an exciting lineup for artists launching on Osura, including Alexis André who created “Friendship Bracelets” — one of the most popular collections on Artblocks — for their first collections on Bitcoin.

“Osura is embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration with artists to immortalize their creations on Bitcoin, the blockchain synonymous with unparalleled security and longevity," affirms Danny Yang, CEO of Metagood. "I've been building on Bitcoin for over a decade and couldn't be more excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for us on the Ordinals protocol which is simple, elegant and powerful.”

"Metagood is setting the gold standard for technical innovation and spearheading the Ordinals market," says Jason Fang, Founder and Managing Partner at Sora Ventures. "Sora Ventures stands firm in the conviction that the most valuable digital artifacts will find their home on Bitcoin. Leading the round for Metagood is not just an opportunity but a testament to our unwavering belief in the Ordinals space."

“With this new funding, Metagood is poised to elevate the Osura marketplace to new heights, further solidifying our standing as an industry leader in premium digital artifacts,” confirms Amanda Terry, Chief Operating Officer of Metagood. “As we navigate the exciting landscape leading up to the Bitcoin halving in April 2024, we believe the timing is impeccable for growing our team and advancing our commitment to innovation on Bitcoin.”

For media inquiries, please contact:

Amanda Terry, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


About Metagood:

Metagood is a pioneering blockchain technology and digital assets company that sets a new standard for innovation in the crypto industry. With a focus on seamlessly blending technology, art, and community, Metagood is driving advancements in blockchain technology, particularly on Bitcoin, through initiatives such as their OnChainMonkey NFTs and the curated Osura marketplace for art on Bitcoin.


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