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OnChainMonkey (OCM)
OnChainMonkey is an NFT community started by Metagood with the purpose of doing well, while doing good.
Genesis is the first on-chain profile picture (PFP) collection created in a single transaction, a world first and historical milestone. Karma is a future collection by our award-winning art team, who have animated some of Hollywood’s best movies with long IMDB histories of movie credits, nominations and wins.
Genesis and Karma NFTs will provide membership into the OCM community, governance of the DAO, participation in community projects, VIP talks and in real life events, and the banana token rewards and economy.

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OCM Dimensions
The OCM Dimensions collection is the most innovative Digital Artifact. Meticulously crafted by code, OCM Dimensions unveils a captivating 3D digital art masterpiece, designed to scale seamlessly on any screen size, ensuring an unparalleled display experience. Read More
OCM Genesis
In the future, people will look for the NFT collections that changed the course of history. In 2021, OCM Genesis was one of the first 10K Digital Artifacts ever created. In 2023, OCM Genesis was the first 10K Collection inscribed on Bitcoin when the Ordinals protocol enabled Digital Artifacts on Bitcoin. Owning a Genesis means you own one of the most historic Digital Artifacts ever created.
OCM Dessert
Desserts are NFTs used to create a Karma NFT from your Genesis NFT. All OCM Genesis holders from a snapshot taken on Feb 1, 2022 received a Dessert NFT free of charge for each of the 10,000 tokens.  Each Genesis can eat one of each type of Dessert. The Desserts are burned and a new Karma is created.
OCM Karma
Karma is the next generation NFT collection by our award-winning art team, who have animated some of Hollywood’s best movies with long IMDB movie credits including “Rio”, “Ice Age”, “Ferdinand”, and “Peanuts”.
Asprey Bugatti Egg
Asprey Studio created the Asprey Bugatti Egg collection, and partnered with Metagood to create the exceptional Digital Artifact twins of the physical eggs on Bitcoin. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Bugatti Egg form, the Asprey Bugatti collection uses the power of recursive art to create its elegant lighting and three dimensional aesthetics. Read More


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